DanceUKtv Dancers’ Psychology Week: Beyond the Body, November 2013

Dancers’ Psychology Week

Dance UK and the Royal Society of Medicine hosted a major conference on dancers’ psychology, Beyond the Body: psychological tools for performance enhancement and wellbeing in dance, in November 2013.

This week, you can watch presentations from the conference FREE on Dance UK TV at Two videos will be made live from 10am each day and you can ask questions in a live Twitter chat with conference manager, Erin Sanchez, on Friday.

The following videos will be available each day:

Tuesday 11 February
Peter Lovatt on dancers’ self-esteem
Elsa Urmston on positive psychology in teaching and learning
Wednesday 12 February
Charlotte Woodcock on mental fitness for dancers
Dancers’ Career Development on career transition and identity
Thursday 13 February
Dave Collins on talent development in dancers
Imogen Aujla on the importance of passion
Friday 14 February, 12noon
Conference manager Erin Sanchez will answer your questions in a live Twitter Q&A
Please tweet questions to Dance UK (@danceuk) by 9am on Friday 14 February, using the hashtag #dancepsychweekWe hope you enjoy the videos on Dance UK TV ( and look forward to answering your questions on Twitter!

A great selection of films from Dance UK’s Beyond the Body conference in November last year.  Take a look!!!!


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