DanceEast Healthy Young Dancers:


At: DanceEast

On: Sunday 30th November 2014, 10am – 12noon




I’m leading a practical and discursive workshop, in which participants can explore the application of principles of dance psychology to a dance class – how to create positive dancing environments and equip dancers to be self-aware, self-assured and confident in their abilities, not just as dancers, but in the wider world. The ideas and discussion will stem from evidenced-based practice and research at the DanceEast CAT, where I have been trialling and exploring effective ways of working with young people in a pre-vocational setting since 2008.  Theoretical ideas, research findings and their application will form the basis of our session, and I am hoping there will be an opportunity for you to see dance health classes in action at the CAT.  This workshop will be suitable for anyone working with young people in dance, in private dance school, vocational training, community and school settings.  Please come along, book your ticket here!

Just £12 a ticket, a bargain!


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