Sophie Amstell, Programme Manager, Dance Up

Dance Up (formerly Hampshire Dance) engaged Elsa to work on the evaluation and research strand of our Big Lottery funded VitaliSE Step Change dance and health programme.  We have been delighted with her contribution to this project – her work is thorough, thoughtful and rigorous.  Not only that but she has provided exactly the right level of challenge and questionning to enable us to evaluate our own working practices.  Perhaps most importantly, it has been really easy to communicate effectively with Elsa throughout the project; she has a great sense of humour which has made it a joy to work with her.  We will certainly be engaging Elsa again and I can wholeheartedly recommend her work to other organisations.

Yanaëlle Thiran, Undergraduate Student, London Contemporary Dance School

As a student, I really appreciate having a teacher who shares motivation and interest in the subject matter as well as knowledge of it, and Elsa has this great quality. Throughout the Anatomy and Body Conditioning classes of this year, she has not only been expanding our understanding of the body, but also our curiosity, eagerness to learn and willingness to go beyond our physical and intellectual abilities. She is aware of the level of difficulty she sets, but her belief in the capacities of each and every one of us is very encouraging.  Elsa expects us to be fully commited to her class, which is fair enough considering her own input. Dedicated to her work, she is not only passionate about the subjects she teaches, but also about the art of teaching them. Building up from what we all know or get from specific readings, Elsa has the great skill of summarizing and using relevant images or concise diagrams to provide us with what we need to know. Each theme or issue is thus approached in a very particular way, and the quality of the method makes the content of her course even more valuable.

Lucy Blazheva, Community Dance Artist, DanceEast

I have had the opportunity to work with Elsa in a number of contexts, from teaching to management. Elsa continually whets the appetite of practitioners, students and artists; in further exploring and playing with the possibilities of dance the arts and the ever growing knowledge which is obtained through dance science. Elsa is incredible fun to work with, always drawing the best out of her students and colleagues, encouraging the individual to think and work outside of their comfort zone, creating an environment in which new discoveries can emerge supporting the ‘thinking dancers’.

Catherine Clissett, Graduate, BA (Hons) Dance in the Community, University Campus Suffolk

Elsa has the ability to bring out the best in you as a student, allowing you to develop your academic ability and achieve to your highest potential. She is an extremely patient and empathic educator. Elsa is incredibly knowledgable, not only in her fields of interest but other areas of dance and related subjects, always striving to deepen her own understanding in order to assist her students.  Elsa not only brings out the best in her students but also brought immeasurable amounts to the Dance in the Community course content at UCS, by moulding each aspect  to create a sound undergraduate community dance degree, applicable to working in the sector. As the first cohort through the new Dance in the Community degree, Elsa always valued our input into present and future alterations to the course.

Meghan Harvey, Graduate, BA (Hons) Dance and Professional Practice, University of Bedfordshire

As I am now a dance teacher myself, I strive to be more like Elsa; always having time for my students, instilling confidence in them to achieve their potential and being passionate about dance in general. Elsa’s dedication to her students is evident in the way she supervised my dissertation. Memories of us brainstorming ideas remind me of how she was a fountain of knowledge for me, and conveyed this knowledge in a memorable and detailed way. She was thorough, honest and challenging in her marking and criticism, which I believe helped me immensely in gaining a very good grade. Elsa is a teacher who I admire, respect and will remember.


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